svrx(server-x) is a pluggable platform built for efficient front-end development.

As a front-end developer, to meet different kind of development requirements, usually we will have one or more set of fixed development environment, in which may include a local dev server and many other debug tools. It's difficult to maintain a development environment: you need to install and configure every tool separately. Besides, you may also need to enable or disable a tool when switching among projects.

To solve the problem, we plan to integrate all the development services and tools into a pluggable platform,

and name it svrx. With svrx, you can freely pick and combine any services(plugins) you want, like static serve, proxy, remote debugging and etc, without concerning about plugin installation.

Now, svrx makes it possible for us to easily customize the development environment for each project, and instead of downloading many other packages, all you need to do is just install svrx.


  • static serve
  • proxy
  • page live reload
  • routing with hot reloading
  • and you can do more: plugin

Install & Usage

View quick start for more details.

Official Plugins



Build & Compile





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